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Wedding Etiquette by Patrice - Tip #1: Wedding Favors

Oct 2017

To give or not to give? THAT is the question. At least that’s the question a lot of brides ask about etiquette surrounding their wedding reception these days. Often thought of as an old fashioned idea, the giving of a favor seems to be somewhat antiquated.

You’re already spending money on your dress, the venue, the DJ, cocktail hour, possibly catering, cake, flowers and decorations. Besides, you sent out cute photo invitations with your engagement pic - shouldn’t your guests keep that on their fridge for all time? Sure...of course they should. I know I would if you sent ME an invite.

But I digress. The point is that even if it does seem like something from your Great Aunt Tillie’s guidebook on the perfect wedding, a wedding favor is a nice way to do several things that you might find useful.

Here is our list of tips and also some really creative ideas we’ve found that you can use as inspiration for your own favors. And hey, feel free to comment below with pictures of what you come up with for your wedding or event!

1. Use your wedding favors as your ‘thank you’, and you save postage, time, and a big fat headache to boot. We love Little Olive Branch’s tags, which could double as ornaments, keychains, or magnets. I think having something like this around your silverware at each place setting would do nicely to serve 2 purposes.

2. Wedding favors doubled as place cards - perhaps a small inexpensive frame for each person. Wedding Favors Unlimited has a great selection of little frames that are so cute - we just love these Rustic Romance ones.

3. Maybe you are having a simple coffee & cake reception, and place settings aren’t part of your celebration. Perhaps you are a coffee / tea fanatic? Have mugs or teacups for people to choose from. They can have their favor and drink from it, too!

4. One of our favorite resources, and especially good for the DIY bride, is Save-On-Crafts. You can find a lot of supplies to customize for your own ideas. Artsy couples might like to fill a tiny clear “paint pail” with something inspired, or perhaps a chalkboard chinese takeout box with some chalk inside so your guests can design their own favors?

While it’s always a nice idea to send out personal thank you notes (and some brides actually do this...kudos to them), for most of us it’s less than realistic. It’s simply unlikely we will actually get around to handwriting meaningful notes to the many many people we all fought about even having on the guest list to begin with. Besides, is that really how you want to spend your honeymoon and/or first month of marriage? Ugh - no thanks.

So incorporate a simple thank you with your favors, or find a way to make the favors work as another element of your wedding.

One parting thought on etiquette and wedding favors, and I’ll bid you adieu until my next article. Not everyone that comes to your wedding can afford to give you a gift. A simple favor is a kind gesture on your part to show them the appreciation for their attendance, which is truly what should matter on this very special day.

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