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3 Great Ways to Include Kids at Weddings

Jan 2017
Many wedding performed by Santa Barbara Classic Weddings have been known to incorporate children, whether part of the ceremony or simply as guests. Often my brides ask me for tips on how to include children in their wedding plans in a way that keeps the special day classic and ... well, special!
So often now, marriages include the children in the ceremony. And where there's one child there might be another one or two or more. Today's brides and grooms are often scooting the kids off with a chaperone to the "Kid's Table" so vows can be exchanged uninterrupted and with little distraction. This way they actually have a few moments to promise to be there for one another for the "Forever" of their lives.Below are some great ideas for what to do with kids during your wedding ceremony.
1. Coloring books - my own webmaster included these with a little box of crayons for every child attending her wedding. It kept kids occupied during the ceremony, gave parents the ability to enjoy the vows, and was a keepsake for the bride and groom.
2. Bubbles - this idea works well for creating a fun, playful ambiance at your wedding. Especially good for an outdoor ceremony, you can give kids little bubble bottles and it will create a wonderful, lighthearted atmosphere during the ceremony to have them floating around you as you celebrate your love.
3. Favor Pail - Here is a little package of goodies for kids, which include a variety of things. I suggest if you have an outdoor wedding to include bubbles or snacks, even small cup of water with straw. Indoor weddings might cater better to coloring books, crayons, and quiet toys. You can customize these for anything you think would work well for your little guests!
One way or the other, brides and grooms are always welcome to include little ones as guests in a wedding ceremony performed by Santa Barbara Classic Weddings.Santa Barbara Classic Weddings - Courthouse Mural Room venue, wedding with children included
*Note: When considering snacks think about your venue, and check with parents for allergy concerns. For older kids you might consider mints or gum, for younger a quiet toy can work wonders.