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Marriage License

A Marriage License MUST be purchased BEFORE you get married. The couple must apply TOGETHER in person, although you can save time by filling out the License info online ahead of time (click on link at the bottom of this page). You can apply in any county in California, yet your Marriage Certificate will state the city your were married in, i.e. Santa Barbara. It usually takes about 30 minutes to issue a Marriage License in Santa Barbara, but you may have to wait longer if there are other couples ahead of you. Arrive at the office in plenty of time to complete the paperwork prior to the office closing at 4:30 p.m.

Both applicants must be present, over 18, but need not be U.S. residents. A valid government-issued picture identification is required (driver’s license, passport, etc). Licenses are good for 90 days from the time of purchase. No blood test is required. DO Not change any information on the license, cross out info, use white out, etc., as it will not be accepted, and payment for and issuance of a duplicate Marriage License will be necessary. If either party was divorced within the last 90 days, bring a certified copy of the final dissolution judgment. Regular (Public) License - around $100 (less in some counties). The regular marriage license is effective the day it is issued and may be used in your ceremony anywhere in the State of California within 90 days of the issue date. The couple must apply together with valid government-issued photo id. The marriage record is made available to the public.

If either party was married before, the couple will need to know the date the previous marriage ended.

Once the wedding ceremony is performed and the witness or witnesses (one is required) have signed the Marriage License, your Santa Barbara Classic Weddings Officiant will complete the form and return it to the Registrar's/Recorder's office it was issued from. One of you may to return to that office in 2-3 weeks to pick up your legal Marriage Certificate, unless you wish to apply for it by mail (please be advised about this by the Clerk at the time you apply for your Marriage License). 

After the marriage ceremony is performed by your Santa Barbara Classic Weddings wedding officiant, the confidential license must be returned and filed with the County Clerk/Recorder in the same county where it was issued. For more info on Marriage Licenses AND/OR to begin the Marriage License application click below:

Marriage License Application

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